The World Heritage City - Karlskrona

Karlskrona’s impressive and well-preserved architecture and town plan gained the town World Heritage status in 1998, and everywhere you go you can see evidence of this.
Vy från Bryggarberget

Elegant churches, grand squares, boulevards and historic fortifications draw visitors from around the world.

Drop anchor in Karlskrona, a town that was founded in 1680 when Karl XI decided to establish the country’s new naval base here. The key to the appointment is the actual planning of the city, which was built according to King Karl XI's will and vision. More than 300 years later the naval base is still here in Karlskrona – the town where old meets new and tradition meets innovation. 

Extracts of UNESCO’s statement

Karlskrona is an exceptionally well preserved example of a European planned naval base, … and of those that remain from this period Karlskrona is the most complete and well preserved.

The World Heritage Sites Committee, 1998

Karlskrona City Port

On the eastern side of Trossö you will find the municipal office and Ericsson's office. Here lies also Karlskrona Porcelain Museum, which is located on the same premises where the beautiful Karlskrona porcelain previously was produced. See the old ovens and marvel at the diversity in design. Karlskrona Porcelain Museum shares premises with Albinsson & Sjöberg's Car Museum. Take part of motor treasures with high nostalgia factor of Albinsson & Sjöberg’s Car Museum, which also includes toys and mopeds on display. A must for all automobile enthusiasts.


The island Saltö is today mostly residential. On the island there is fantastic and popular beach, which is perfect for children and families. The beach can be reached after a short walk from the center. At the beach you will find a diving tower and a kiosk, which is open during the summer. At Saltö fishing has always had an important role, now for example you can enjoy the restaurant Blomlöfs, where you can buy and enjoy the delicacies from the sea.

City islands

Karlskrona's other islands belonging to the town include; Pantarholmen, Långö, Ekholmen and they are mainly residential, but is also suitable for relaxing strolls. The water is never far away, and there are very nice wooden buildings to study. On northern Långö there is a lovely, family beach, where you can also play a round of miniature golf or a game of beach volleyball.

Northern Trossö

On the northern part of Trossö you will find the railway station, the police station, the new town part called Pottholmen and a marina. Just north of Trossö lies Bryggarberget, with its water tower and radio mast. Karlskrona's best view - here you can look out over the "city on the islands" and the archipelago. A fanatstic "inspiration point", which is easily reached by car.