Nature, hiking and ARK56


ARK56 is a network of trails for boating, kayaking, hiking and cycling through the Unesco biosphere reserve Blekinge Arkipelag.

Winding gravel roads, calm bays, deserted isles and open sea - ARK56 is a network of trails that guides you through the Blekinge archipelago, along side and on its beautiful waters.

Experience nature and culture at foot, in a kayak, by bike or boat - it’s your choice. 13 hubs ties the trails together, offering food, acommodation and experiences. In Karlskrona you will find the following eight hubs along the archipelago trail: Hasslö (Garpahamnen), Aspö (Lökanabben), Sturkö (Bredavik), Karlskrona (Fisktorget), Senoren (Brofästet), Stenshamn, Torhamn and Kristianopel. Read more via the link to the left.

Make use of the Swedish Right of Public Access - bring a basket for berries and mushrooms on your excursion. 

Visit Sweden and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency want to convey, through the film above, that "everyone is welcome out into nature and that the Right of Public Access is a unique opportunity" but also the ground rule of the Right of Public Access  - "do not disturb or destroy". Anyone using the Right of Public Access must show nature, wildlife, landowners and other visitors consideration.

In Karlskrona there are 25 beautiful nature reserves - protected nature and protected species, and they show a variety of natural habitats - archipelago landscape, cultivation landscape, broadleaf woodland and conifer and mixed forest. Some examples of scenic areas are Knösö, Torhamn's udde and Södra Flymen.

Whether you "just" want to enjoy nature's wonders and beautiful surroundings or be more active by running, cycling or paddling, you will easily find one or more favorites in Karlskrona's beautiful surroundings!