World class fishing

In Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago, you will find a very interesting fishing, primarily for pike. That's why Karlskrona's archipelago is called "The Pike Kingdom".

With boat you will easily reach the best fishing grounds. But fishing can also be conducted from all the islands around the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona. Fishing occurs by all islands and bays in Karlskrona. You will find both shallow bays and deep rock formations. Learn more about our fishes and fishing below.

Pike fishing

The pike is a voracious predator that eats most things coming its way. It eats all kinds of fish, even smaller pikes. It happens that pikes eat small seabird chicks, frogs, crayfish and swimming voles. It is available in both fresh and brackish water, but can not handle too high salinity. The water in the Karlskrona archipelago is brackish and the pike thrives excellent. The stock is very good, much depending on that net fishing has decreased and that anglers mostly uses catch and release fishing.

Trolling for salmon

Karlskrona has risen like a rocket in trolling for salmon. The numbers of salmon that eats up outside the island barriers are increasing every year as a result of better fisheries management. Sure you can catch salmon by fishing rod, both spin and fly, along some of the rivers in Blekinge, but to have a really good chance to catch the open waters undisputed king you can get in contact with the best professionals. This investment will be an experience that follows you the rest of your life. An effective trolling requires a strong and effective boat, a skilled and experienced crew and first class fishing gear. 

Perch fishing

The perch is the most common sport fish in Sweden. For some dozen years ago the perch was virtually extinct in Karlskrona archipelago, but in recent years the species has rapidly increased in number. Now, the reproduction is again good and there are good chances of catching many and quite large ones here in the archipelago. Both small and large perch likes to have protection around. It is common to find it next to docks, piers, reeds and rocks. Warm summer evenings and early mornings the perch is often hunting and frightens small fish so that they jump.

Put & Take fishing

Put & take fishing brings anglers the opportunity to fish for game fish even in our latitudes. In Karlskrona's water, there is high chance to catch fine regnbågsöringar, often in good size.

Fishing suitable for disabled persons

We can offer fishing suitable for disabled people at several locations in Karlskrona's beautiful archipelago, lakes and rivers. Boats that can take fishermen in wheelchairs and ramps along the coastal edges are some examples.

Catch & Release

In order to maintain strong fish stocks in the long term, it is of great importance to conduct so-called catch-and release fishing. This involves releasing the catch you don´t intend to eat. In the past, it was common to take up all the fish without a thought of how the uptake affected fish stocks. In line with better knowledge in the field the understanding of catch & release spread well within sport fishing.

Kayak fishing/wading fishing

Karlskrona archipelago water is mostly shallow and rocky. The inner bays consist of clay bottoms while the other bays, for example, along the eastern open coast around and north of Torhamn's cape, consisting of a mixture of shallow stone and seaweed, sand and clay bottoms. Kayak fishing and wading fishing is perfect in such waters as Karlskrona's.